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Attila is one of the best of the best and a true luminary. If you want to learn or improve skills in gymnastics, calisthenics and / or natural flow movements, you’ve come to the right place. A coach full of passion and positive energy. Thank you Attila for every single step you bought me closer to my personal goals / reached my personal goals. It’s always awesome and a great honor to train with you! 🙏🤸‍♀️🧘‍♀️🐒


I can sincerely say that Atti is one of the most motivating professional trainer/athletes in the business. Not only that, but he’s a great person. Always checking in on me, giving me nutrition tips, pushing me to do better and making me do one more rep when I feel like I can’t. I live in London and he has been training me via Zoom since the world went a little crazy. He has been a ray of sunshine in what has been a tough year for me personally.


Attila saved me. I had done yoga for so many years and while I knew it was good for me I was really getting bored with it. How many more sun salutations can you possibly do!? After my first Budokon class with him I was really inspired to explore new ways of moving. Budokon combines calisthenics, animal locomotion and yoga in a very fluent and aesthetic way, which reminds me of dancing – something I’ve always loved. And because it was physically more challenging I explored other classes and workshops in calisthenics, cross fit and even boxing with him and became much more fit and mobile than I had ever been. @Ryan Mc Elhinney called him ‘a ray of sunshine’ and I think that really nails it. Apart from being very skilled in any kind of movement he has the unique talent to actually get you to do it and stick to it. Not exactly sure how he does it but he definitely is a source of positive energy and his sense of humor will get you to go that extra mile that you initially thought you couldn’t possibly do. Train with him if you haven’t yet – he will spread that same energy and attention to you even if it’s ‘just’ through zoom for now.


For me as a crossfit athlete, Attila is the best coach to improve my calisthenics skills. He coached me for my first muscle-ups, taught me butterfly pull-ups and helped me to improve my handstand. We also had some fun Thai boxing sessions and I can highly recommend his massages to recover from a tough workout.


Training with Attila is always an outstanding experience. He helped me a lot with gymnastic skills like handstands and weightlifting technique. Besides his knowledge about innovative training methods, he knows how to push you towards your limits and spread good vibes. You will always leave with a happy mind, some new skills learned and a full body & mind experience after training with Atti. Highly appreciated and recommended (virtually and live)


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