An extraordinary athlete, coach and a partner with no equal

‘Results, not promises’ is a statement deeply ingrained in my DNA. Founded on values of integrity, accountability and unwavering excellence, my singular focus is delivering a life-changing experience, world-class results and real return on investment for every client.

What makes me different

I am a professional athlete, an anatomy book, a golden handed masseur, great coach, and a fun person. No other fitness trainer comes close to competing with that scale, depth and consistency of incredible results I achieve with my clients.

I am accurate in my attention to detail, strict in my application of intelligent process, and driven to relentlessly improve my methodologies and refine my results.

While many attempt to reproduce my model, the results-driven training of excellence and accountability I have built with great care over the years can never be replicated. It’s what sets me apart as an extraordinary leader in my field.

Why Attila?

It is a place that demands excellence. What sets Attila apart from the hit-and-miss independent gym trainer is the unparalleled consistency, real-life training experience and professionalism that you would expect from a global consulting business.

I tailor my proven methods to you

Refined with hundreds of clients over the years, my personal training model is the most efficient and effective way to get results.

This proven formula is tailored to you as an individual. So, no matter what your goal or starting point, you can achieve life-changing results.

I keep you accountable

I understand that accountability is the secret to achieving world-class results for trainers and clients alike.

Our partnership approach, coupled with nutritionist, physiotherapist, creates an ecosystem that ensures you can stay on track to achieve the measurable outcomes you want.

I deliver results and return on investment

When I say ‘Results, not promises’, I mean it. Iam deeply invested in helping you achieve life-changing outcomes. With a world-class system that breeds success and a singular focus on delivering you a genuine return on your investment, everything is in place to achieve exceptional results.

It’s why hundreds of clients have entrusted me with their goals down the years.


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