Budokon Experience


We’re thrilled to share this Yoga and Mixed Movement Workshop with you at YogaYa studio.

Why Budokon?
Budokon is a great mixture of Martial Arts, Yoga an Living Arts. The movements are dynamic and powerful, harmonic and demanding at the same time. It includes Warrior-Variations from Yoga as well as Calisthenics, "Animal Moves“ and Arm Balances. Some exercises will be familiar to you, some might be completely new. The name Budokon was created by its founder, Cameron Shayne. It was taken from the Japanese language: Bu (meaning warrior), Do (meaning the way), Kon (meaning the spirit or soul). This translates as “the way of the warrior spirit”.
What will we do?
The workshop will focus on gentle easy movements along the floor, finding flow and fluidity, breath work, mobility and animal locomotion enhanced by a music selection intended to “get you out of your head” and into your body. 
Is it for me?
There is no movement experience required, only a curios and playful mind-set.
Training Location
YogaYa Leverkusen
Mülheimerstraße 3,
51375 Leverkusen

What to bring?
•Comfortable training pants/short and shirt. An extra longsleeve top due to floor work and before-after class to keep you warm.
•Towel – we will sweat :)
•Refillable water bottle
For more details, secure your spot for this workshop by registering at https://www.yogaya.de/the-way-of-the-warrior-spirit

We look forward to seeing you!