Budokon Yoga


I am delighted to share and teach my Budokon practice for the first time at the beautiful Neshama Studio in Belgium.

In this workshop I will teach the foundation of Budokon yoga practice, including Animal Locomotion and arm balances. The BUDOKON®YOGA style is best described as a transition based hatha Yoga flow with continuous circular rotation. The style honours its traditional roots of Hatha (posture based) Yoga while bringing a completely unique Martial Arts circular influence. This flow was created by Hatha Yoga Master and Martial Arts Grandmaster Kancho Cameron Shayne. The name Budokon was taken from the Japanese language: Bu (meaning warrior), Do (meaning the way), Kon (meaning the spirit or soul). This translates as “the way of the warrior spirit”. This name was chosen to represent a person living the way of the betterment of all humanity achieved through the spirit of unwavering virtue and defended by the warrior's service, protection, and courage. You can read further about Budokon here

Space is limited to 14 so register early to reserve your spot!

Price: €45

Booking: info@neshama.be