Budokon Yoga Introduction


The Course uses a combination of Budokon BDK Yoga Flow, basic calisthenics moves and animal locomotions to help build a solid foundation of skills, flexibility, strength, coordination and balance.  

We work on our flexibility, strength and coordination by creating mobility chains looking at the way humans used to move and animals still do. We construct, deconstruct, progress and regress quadrupedal movement patterns and will increase our range of motion to gain options in the way we move to support a healthy and mobile life.

What to wear? 
Comfortable training clothes and a shirt are best which cover your shoulders due to the floor work we do during the workshop. If you're afraid you might be cold at the beginning or end of class, bring a fitted long-sleeve shirt along as an outer layer.

There is no movement experience required, only a curious and playful mind-set.

Yoga mats are provided by the studio, but feel free to bring your own if you like.

This workshop will be taught in English.

Kosten € 35,00 / Mitglied € 32,00