Mixed Movement Artist, Yoga, Gymnastics, Mobility & Calisthenics Coach in Düsseldorf

Attila's training principle is simple:
Train smart and diversify your training. Keep being a student and remain open to improvement and new things. Stay focused and aim to keep your body fit and healthy until old age!

Different types of movements have fascinated me since I was a little boy and have influenced my sports education until today. I have reached a very high level in many disciplines and have therefore learned a lot about professional training methods and concepts. It is my passion to share the different skills I have developed and teach them to like-minded people from all over the world. Eventually, I can call this passion my profession.

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Personal Training


Attila trains each of his students according to an individually tailored training-plan in line with his student’s needs and goals. He follows a systematic training concept that is discussed with the student from the beginning and is constantly adapted to personal progress. Here, you will learn how to exercise in a healthy, effective, functional and esthetical way. Success and fun are guaranteed!

Calisthenics & Strength Training


In these sessions, you train with your own body weight to build-up strength. Depending on your training level, individual exercises (e. g. pull-ups, squats, muscle-ups, handstand push-ups, dragon squats, dips and many more) are selected in order to achieve your personal goals.

Budokon Yoga


Learn how to move gracefully, to align your body correctly and challenge yourself. Learn how to do yoga asanas in a flow with integrated elements of gymnastics and aesthetic martial arts movement sequences. Learn about Budokon animal locomotion and many other natural movements.

Mobility Training


Improve your flexibility, joint health, functional strength and performance. Correct your posture and prevent injuries. Numerous flexibility exercises and sequences will restore your balance and increase your range of motion.



Help your muscles recover after intense training sessions. Attila's massages help stimulate your blood circulation, prevent inflammation and relieve tension in muscles and fascia.



Fancy something new? Then seize this unique opportunity to rediscover your movement possibilities in a playful way, to grow and to move and have fun with an amazing group of athletes.


Personal Training
(60 min)
Online Classes
(60 min)

In Person
1 Training Session

from 75 €

1 Training Session

from 45 €

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